(Malfunctioning of the Current System)

Our creator saw an obvious oversight in the structural limitations or flaws in the standard of care medical device,
the Urethral/Foley or standard urinary catheter when used in this certain patient population;
and he created and perfected a simple solution to go above and beyond to improve and maximize patient care
of the Supra pubic patient world wide.
(Inventor Matthew A. Gomez / Utility Patented 2008)

The addition or adjunct of this Supra-pubic positioning adaptor to any standard latex or silicone urinary or urethral
catheter, eliminates or minimizes the majority of if not all the downfalls of the current outdated and inadequate system
thereby reducing or preventing other illnesses and maladies that these patients unfortunately have routinely and
inevitably come to expect and ordinarily acquire with the current system; such as Wound Formation and
Frequent/Chronic Urinary Tract Infections, etc. etc, while it subsequently provides its user added comfort,
confidence, mobility, interaction and independence.

It has also been additionally postulated by Top Nephrologists, that the institution and utilization of the Supra-Cath adaptor
could quite conceivably also improve overall renal function/health and longevity in its users, by this resealing the bladder
and returning the bladder back to its more natural and intended state of pressure and sterility.

And, as frequent UTI's are often prone to plague the worlds S/P population
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and as several forms of Renal cancers are also linked to those who suffer from Frequent or Chronic UTI's,
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therefore it is thought and deductively reasoned that the introduction and the utilization of
the Supra-Cath positioning adaptor could quite conceivably
also result in a decreased risk / rate of incidences of S/P patients
from getting, contracting, acquiring or developing Bladder Cancer, and or other types of Renal or Urological Cancers.  

This purely informative website shows you the newest improvement to the standard Supra-Pubic Catheter system,
that again eliminates all or most of the downfalls of the current system and now gives the medical community,
and provides an answer, an alternative and a solution to the present day flaw riddled system.
The myriad of advantages that the Supra-Cath system affords its users are numerous and quite literally,
Outstanding !  

Do you want a
catheter that wasn't even
designed or intended to be
used for suprapubically,
and just hangs there,
left at the mercy of
gravity, and any and all patient
movement ?


Do you want a catheter
that is held or secured in
place /immobilized within the
patient in its intended and
most operationally functional
position, and avoid, prevent
or minimize all of the often
seen adverse effects such
as infection, leakage, etc,
etc, etc ...

The Supra-Cath Adaptor
positions, stabilizes and  
negates any and all inward
movement or migration
of any urinary catheter utilized
for supra-pubic purposes,
at the point of the adaptor
immobilizing it, securing it and
maintaining it in its ideal
position for the allowance of
proper sealing and seating or
adherence of the catheters
balloon up against the interior
wall of the bladder to occlude
the exit of the urine around your
catheter device.

A Clear, Obvious and Simple
Improvement for All,
and Truly Life-Changing
for some.
A ordinary catheter is inserted directly into the bladder
through the Supra-Pubic area and pulled taught to
ideally occlude the surgical opening from the stomal
tunnel to the bladder. The problem with this system
is that with both the rigidity and flexibility of a latex or
silicone catheter and the weight of the fluid filled
balloon, along with any slight movement of the patient
or catheter this dislodges the balloon from this ideal
location and positioning resulting in malfunction
in the way of leakage around the catheter.
(Original Concept Design)

Creates a physical barrier to
by positioning and maintaining
the balloon
of your catheter making it
virtually impossible for fluid /urine
to escape around the catheter
and its balloon under normal S/P

Simply just a better all around
structured and performing
catheter for Supra-pubic
usage !!!!!!!!
The Supra-Cath
retention disc does the job of
the original disc
however now in not contacting
the insertion site whatsoever,
the cup design avoids problems
often originates at this
high risk area.

This cup also provides ventilation,
protection and visualization of the
tissue beneath the device, creating
a overall safer, dryer and healthier
at the insertion site
The balloon on the catheter is then inflated within the bladder, and then pulled taut to ideally occlude the opening from the
bladder to the stomal tunnel. The Supra-Cath adaptor is now threaded down the length of the catheter towards the balloon,
securing and immobilizing the catheter at that point securing the balloon under slight tension
in its ideal location (similar to the way a gastrostomy tube works), thusly creating a closed/ sealed system.
This little adaptor is all you need, to have the best
possible Suprapubic Catheter experience ever !

Specifically designed to address the unique demands of the supra-pubic stoma.
Immobilizes, positions and stabilizes your S/P cath for improved & optimal performance.
The Original