The Supra-Cath Catheter V.S. The Urethral/Urinary Catheter
Take Control
with the Benefits of the World's Only True Supra-Pubic Catheter !

             The Supra-Cath Concept /2005                     The Supra-Cath *New and Improved Design*

Supra-Cath S/P Positioning Adaptor
The Supra-Cath Adaptor works by utilizing 4 Basic Laws or Principles of Physics,
which are specifically friction, tension, gravity, and matter.

It Reduces or Eliminates any or all Leakage (from the Stoma),
and at the same time it Reduces the incidences of Urinary Tract Infections in this High Risk Group
The Supra-Cath adaptor (when added to any standard urinary catheter) positions and immobilizes the
catheter and its balloon within the user. And it secures and maintains the balloon in its intended and ideal
functional position with the balloon held snug up against the interior bladder wall under slight tension, and
over the surgically created bladder exit, utilizing the balloon as a physical barrier to leakage and recreating
a seal in most cases, and thusly returning the urinary bladder back to its more natural and intended state
of pressure and sterility. And additionally, in doing so it has been postulated that it could quite possibly
also benefit overall kidney function and prolong kidney health.

Additionally, it Reduces Infection in 3 other ways.
(1) In positioning and maintaining the catheter within the user in it most optimally functioning and intended
and ideal location; this facilitates optimal flow of urine from the urinary bladder and prevents urinary stasis.
(2) In immobilizing the Catheter in position, preventing friction and movement or any inward migration from
the catheter within the stomal tunnel which often deposits microscopic tissue cells into the interior of the
bladder, where it thereby limits the formation of mucous created by these cells which are deposited within
the bladder which often act as a media (or nest) for bacterial/organic growth, and again maximizes the flow
of urine, resulting in decreased frequency of clogged catheters.
And (3) in immobilizing the catheter within the patient preventing any slight inward migration of the catheter
and sealing the bladder proper by utilizing the balloon as a physical barrier, it decreases or eliminate this
("Avenue of Infection") access to the bladder for organisms all together that is created by the surgical
procedure itself.  

And as Frequent Urinary Tract Infections often plague this patient population and are directly related to the
risks and incidences of acquiring Bladder and other types of Renal Cancers; thereby decreased UTI's could
quite realistically translate and correlate into decreased incidences of these types of these Cancers
being seen in the future, is this particular patient population.

Additionally by preventing movement of the catheter and preventing friction within the stomal tunnel itself it
will prevent or reduce the incidences of irritation, tissue breakdown and infection to
or in the Stomal tunnel( surgical access to the bladder). Additionally the disc
or phalange itself prevents or limits the access of organisms to the stomal tunnel,
thereby also limiting risk of infection.  

A seal is created immobilizing the catheter allowing the Stoma or stomal tunnel to heal.
Air contacts the normal mucosa in the Stomal tunnel even through the recommended
Mepilex 4X4 dressing sponge, and thusly allowing for granulation and healing to occur.

The immobilization of the Catheter prevents Stoma enlargement where this often occurring adverse effect
becomes pretty much obsolete; preventing the sometimes necessary stomal reduction surgery
or stomal replacement/ or relocation surgery.

Patient comfort, confidence and body image significantly improve,
because the seal minimizes or prevents leakage, giving the patient the peace of mind
that they will not have leakage in public places.

Physical activity and interaction of the patient is significantly improved, whereas temporary capping of the
indwelling catheter will now be possible for short term periods because the seal keeps the area from
leaking, which in turn allows the patient the freedom to participate in activities they normally
wouldn’t or couldn't have participated in, with using the standard or basic urethral or urinary catheters.
The Malfunctioning of the Urethral/Foley Catheter
in the Supra-pubic stoma and bladder

Common Problems and Concerns with the Standard Urinary / Urethral  Catheter
Leakage is inevitable and a eventuality for Supra Pubic population, because they have to utilize a catheter
drainage system that was not designed or intended to be used, or meet, confront or address the unique
and distinctive demands of accessing the bladder Supra-Pubically.
Leakage and the severity of leakage for these patients develops overtime for most,
but earlier for some, and it quickly becomes a problem they have to face
and have thus far have had to just live with.

Leakage occurs each time the patient moves and this movement consequently causes slight catheter
movement and friction from the catheter within the stomal tunnel that accesses the bladder. This shifting of
the patient which is unavoidable causes movement of the catheter and the balloon and causes
dislodgement of the catheter balloon within the bladder and over the bladder exit. Wetness causing the
maceration of localized tissues over bony prominences leading to skin breakdown and formation of
wounds, mainly of the Buttocks, or the hips (which include the coccyx,sacrum and bilateral ishial
tuberosities, and greater trochanters)

Due to constant movement of the catheter a seal cannot be created, therefore the Stoma
does not heal. Skin breakdown can occur within the stomal tunnels related to this friction  
possibly causing wound care issues here, this can occur because the catheter is not immobilized
within the patient, and balloon is not a utilized in sealing and keeping the fluids within the bladder.

Therefore infection to the Stoma tunnel and bladder is also a reality for S/P patients, because there is
movement and the resultant friction from the catheter against moist tissue of the stomal tunnel along with
the standard of care urethral or urinary catheter is unable to provide a reliable seal.

This continuous wetness from the leakage additionally creates potential for breakdown and infection and
this fluid or moisture is a vehicle for organisms or avenue for infection can occur, which if not recognized
early as can often happen, this infection can affect the whole Renal system backing up into the kidneys and
resulting in Urosepsis/Sepsis.

S/P patients are also frequently prone to suffer from Frequent Urinary Tract Infections
that occur by the opening or Avenue of Infection created by the surgery itself,
and by using a catheter that is not immobilized in place and can't maintain the seal or reseal the bladder.

(Without the Supra- Cath adaptor) slight movement and inward migration of the catheter
is the norm and inevitable even with minimal movement
of the patient or the catheter or catheter bag.

Enlargement of the Stoma is common over time due to constant movement of the catheter, along with
continuous wetness in turn breaks down the area of the Stoma.

Constant leakage or fear of leakage utilizing the standard urinary urethral catheter
limits patient confidence, comfort, and a positive body image is reduced significantly.

Physical activity and social interaction is restricted due to the leakage, concern about leakage,
also the concern related to risk of infection and infection control considerations.

Physicians do you tell your patients when they are considering on a Supra-Pubic Bladder/Catheter Surgery?

  1. That they may be able to jog, play basketball or other non-contact sports that they were previously able to do.
  2. That they can get in a bathtub, hot tub, or go swimming without leaks, or any additional risk of infection or
  3. That they may be able to sleep in whichever positions they prefer without having to use incontinence pads.
  4. That they can even have sex in whichever position they use to, without leaks and with added confidence.
  5. That they may not have any fear additional odor from urine.
  6. That without traumatic incident, they may not ever have to have an increase in the size of their catheter,
       or ever have to have Stoma Reduction surgery.
   7. That they may not ever have an embarrassing moment because of leakage.
   8. That, with use of a catheter plug, they can have total control of drainage as if they did not have the surgery at all.

                              Manufacturers can you make these claims about your Supra-Pubic Catheters?
                                                         Don’t you wish you could ?
This is all possible with the Supra-Cath Suprapubic Positioning Adaptor !
Model 2005
Model 2007

Is it going to be absolutely perfect, and be the "be all and end all" for everyone
in every single supra-pubic situation ?
Possibly not.

Will it be a clear improvement in multiple ways from what you had been
using ?

A b s o l u t e l y !

As it has clearly shown in 100% of privately conducted clinical trials that have been
done by the people and users themselves from all around the world
(that I've personally up till now been able to supply adaptors to).
They find it is a clear and definite structural and functional improvement
to the Standard Foley/ Urinary or Urethral catheter.

Simply a structurally and functionally superior catheter for Supra-Pubic
insertions !

And it should prove to be an improvement in multiple ways
for every S/P patient.

Inventor / Creator / Design / Engineer / Nurse,  Matthew A. Gomez

The Supra-Cath System
The only Catheter Securement Device in the world that by design actually immobilizes
and negates all and any movement of your catheter and the catheters balloon within its user.
It secures and maintains your catheter in its ideal, intended,
and optimally functional positioning.

Just a all around Superiorly Structured Catheter for its Purpose and its People !

Okay, you've got this catheter that just hanging out of you to drain urine
from your bladder with nothing positioning it or holding in place.

Standard Urinary / Urethral Catheter
Do you want this catheter inside of you to just hang out of you unsecured
and free to migrate or retreat inside of you, and be able to just flip flop
around and twist about, causing friction with the tissues of your stoma and
skin and be able to just fall out of optimal functioning place or positioning?

Supra-Cath Adaptor Catheter
Do you want your catheter to be held in place in its ideal and intended and
most optimally functional position and secured there, immobilized within
your body so thats there is no movement or friction from the catheter
with the fragile tissues of your stoma or skin ?

That's the difference we are talking about !
Question #1 What is the last thing you do in a catheter insertion?    
: You position the balloon by pulling the catheter taut.
And now all you can do is just hope it stays where positioned.
Question #2 What the first thing you check when you have a leaking catheter ?
: You check the positioning of the catheter/balloon by pulling the catheter taut.
The Supra -Cath adaptor stabilizes & immobilizes your catheter while it insures and maintains
proper positioning of your S/P Cath at all times

There are other types of foley securement devices on the market today,
however they
all fall short and miss the mark or point entirely, and still doesn't quite do the job or fit the
bill effectively for the Supra-Pubic population
which is currently approx. 5 million people worldwide and
growing !
This is because they were never specifically designed to meet or structured with the Supra-Pubic
Population in mind, and thusly they weren't specifically designed or structured to meet and address the
unique and distinct demands of a Supra-Pubic stoma ! !

These other types of catheter securement devices are secured to the patients leg
with either adhesive or with a Velcro strap.
Well the result is, once the leg moves or is moved, the catheter above this device also moves,
as does the balloon; therefore the catheter in its entirety is allowed to and still move in and out within the
patient and the patients stoma, and the positioning is ultimately changed, falls out of place, and
the seal or closure and the fragile adhesion that was is created and allowed to form by immobilizing the
catheter balloon with inner wall of the bladder is again ultimately broken.

The catheter securement devices on the market on the market mentioned above one sold by Medline, and
the other by Bard actually just by there very placement in fact don't immobilize the catheter from
movement within the patient at all or whatsoever ! If anything they actually allow, are responsible for, or
actually contribute to movement or added movement of the catheter and balloon as they are attached to
the patients leg so any positioning change from the point of that securement, the leg and of the leg
creates the same movement illustrated and demonstrated and what you'll see occurs in the Power
Presentation that you'll see in the PRESENTATION tab of this website. Movement now occurs with every
repositioning whether this being passive or active movement of the patients leg, dislodging the balloon
from its intended and ideal location on or up against the inner wall of the bladder.

This does not occur with the Supra-Cath positioning Adaptor specifically engineered and designed
for the use of combating the difficulties and problems experienced by the Supra-Pubic Patient.
The Supra-Cath positioning adaptor/disc is the only catheter securement device thats work is focused
at the source and really problem for these patients, and it actually immobilizes the catheter within the
within the bladder itself and at the very point of entry to the patient's body so no matter what
happens beyond that point outside of the patients body
. Whatever the user or catheter does physically or
beyond th
e point of the adaptor; the positioning, the seal and the physical barrier is always maintained, as
it immobilizes the catheter and balloon completely
halting or minimizing all and any leakage and again in
most cases
sealing or resealing the bladder completely !

           (18) Eighteen Reasons / Benefits to using the Supra-Cath System
                  for urinary drainage of your Supra-pubic bladder(s).
  •     Decreased incidence of incontinence/leakage, day or night
  •     Decreased or elimination of the need to sleep on incontinence pads
  •     Decreased accidental/embarrassing incidences of leakage
  •     Decreased incidences of urinary tract infections  
  •     Decreased use of antibiotics to fight infections
  •     Decreased resistance to antibiotics
  •     Decreased incidences of urosepsis, and sepsis
  •     Decreased hospitalizations for urinary infection and wounds
  •     Decreased incidences of wound formation
  •     Decreased incidences of wound infection from contamination from urine leakage
  •     Decreased time/effort to heal wounds
  •     Elimination of or decreased incidences of eventual/inevitable stoma enlargement
  •     Decreased incidences of stoma reduction surgeries
  •     Decreased mucous formation in the bladder
  •     Decreased incidences of clogged catheters
  •     Decrease in odor/ smell of urine on the patient
  •     Increase in comfort, confidence, and normalcy
  •     Increased activity, mobility, function and positioning options

                                                             and not a single reason not to !