Physician Endorsements
As you can imagine this new system of the Supra-Pubic Catheter drainage has astonished all that are
privy to the new product. Please review the comments and endorsements of some of the most respected
physicians in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex.

This catheter, the Supracath will, has and does work, and without any problems reported from the patients, or their caregivers.
Actually I’ve experienced quite the opposite, the patients and their caregivers rave about this catheter. I’ve
been in practice for over 30 years, and patients and Urologist like myself have been battling leakage and infection
problems far as long as I know we've been performing the surgery. Leakage has just something the majority of this population and
Supra-Pubic Bladder just leak for one reason or another. With this catheter that can be a thing of the past.
You put this cath (Supra-cath) in and pretty much forget about it as it does its job. It allows the patient more freedom to
live their lives more like they use to, before they had the Supra-Pubic Bladder. When supply is available, I won’t insert anything else.
I mean why?, when this is simply a structurally superior catheter for Supra-Pubic Bladders.
It limits or stops leakage altogether and it has and should continue to limit or decrease infections of the bladder.”

Yondell Moore, M.D. ( Urological Surgeon )
Diplomate American Board of Urology

“I don’t see that the adaptation or application of a disc to a urinary catheter would be of any greater risk for pressure complications
supra-pubically, then how it is now used with the gastrostomy tube. I suspect that Supra-Cath will prove
to be a better product for its use and function because structurally it’s a superior concept for stopping leaks. I predict it
will decrease incidence of leakage and thusly decreasing formation and severity of wounds for its patients it’s used on.
It’s very likely that when this catheter becomes readily available, I’ll strongly encourage, and order it, for all my
wound care patients who have Supra-Pubic Bladders. ”

Matthew Pompeo, MD
General Surgeon / Wound Care Surgeon
Medical Director / Doctors Wound Center, Dallas Texas

Securing the balloon in its intended and ideal location and using the bore of the balloon rather then the bore of
the catheter to stop leakage; this makes total sense to me. I think this catheter adaptation could prove to be a substantial
improvement over the urethral catheter for patients with suprapubic bladders. I also suspect that this catheter adaptor, by
sealing the bladder more effectively, could subsequently also overal improve kidney function  or at least stabilize it.”

Lauren A. McDonald, MD
Diplomate, Board of Internal Medicine
Board Certified in Nephrology
DNA (Dallas Nephrology Associates), Dallas Texas

“As a gastroenterolgist, It is difficult for me to understand why this basic plumbing principle has not been adopted before now, for
patients with suprapubic bladders as we've have been using the same concept, using a similar device in the G.I.
world for years. The adaptation of the phalange/disc to a catheter, the "Supra-Cath", should be a significant improvement in
the field of urology. It should effectively stop leakage and there should also be a significant drop in the need for stoma reduction
surgery, or a for the introduction of a larger bore catheter, as under normal conditions these problems do not occur with with the

Jeffrey D. Linder, MD
Board Certified in Gastroenterology
Digestive Health Associates of Texas
Dallas, Texas

It's amazingly simple and just as effective. I talked with Matt and seen the demonstrations. I immediately
contacted Dr. Moore. I had a patient currently in the hospital that I thought it would be perfect for. This obese
patient has had a supra-pubic for a long time. Dr. Moore surgically repaired or reduced her stoma once, and
eventually we feared she would be headed for the same surgery again. She had a 28fr in that was leaking. She
had complained about it, but at this point was resolved that nothing could be done (for she had endured this
“It’s amazingly simple and just as effective. I talked for a long time. Dr. Moore surgically repaired or reduced her
stoma once, and eventually we feared she would be headed for the same surgery again. She had a 28fr in that
was leaking. She had complained about it, but at this point was resolved that nothing could be done (for she had
endured this leaking for years). The nurses at the hospital complained about the leak. The patient had the typical
complications, an extensive sacral wound, and infections of both the wound and the bladder. Dr. Moore showed
up with Matt, and they did something that to my knowledge had never been done in medical history. Dr. Moore
inserted a “Supra-Cath” two sizes smaller then the one she had in, and stopped her leak. Not only did this
catheter stop her leak for good, now she been able to be positioned more effectively off her wound which is
almost healed at this point, and is exhibiting a marked decrease in infection rate of both bladder and wound.
She has experienced a immediate improvement in her quality of life, and is all around a happier person.”

Jay Narayana, MD
Internal Medicine / Hospitalist
DeSoto, Texas

A common scenario includes a paraplegic with a significant sacral wound. The surgeon plans to close the wound with
a 'Flap', but does not want to do surgery until a colostomy is performed and a suprapubic catheter is placed. The goal
here, to prevent contamination of the surgical site. Now, what happens all too often is that urine leaks around the
catheter, a bladder workup must follow, infection has to be ruled out, medication management begins, and issues
related to side effects from bladder medications now have to be addressed. Constipation, lethargy, dry mouth, and occasionally
blurred vision result in discomfort for the patients. Constipation can lead to nausea and abdominal pain,
which then requires a GI workup. The costs add up. Another recurrent scenario includes the community patient with
NB, who requires suprapubic catheter placement. These patients, feeling unacceptable to society because of leakage
and odor, withdraw socially. Many of them , typically on a low fixed income, incur increased costs related to the now necessary
medication treatment. The same issues regarding side effects mentioned previously also apply. I am very
excited about this new concept in bladder management called the 'Supra-Cath', especially since the design seems
perfect, simple in nature and one that the patients can easily manage at home either independently or with the help
of the caregiver."

Dr. Sofia M. Weigel M.D., PA
Diplomate-American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Dallas, Texas

"Now that I've seen it and seen it work, it's hard tobelieve that such a simple fix to the problem of S/P adaptation of a disc added to
a catheter to hold and the secure the balloon in place should become the standard for suprapubic catheters. I myself have multiple
patients in the hospital presently that could benefit from this adaptor. It's not hard to see the design superiority of the Supra-Cath
system when compared to using the standard urethral, or Foley catheter" alone.

Dr. David Green, MD
Hospitalist / Board Certified Internal Medicine
Dallas, Texas

What a fantastic idea. Makes me wonder why other medical professionals didn't think of it sooner. And work, does it
ever, works so well in fact that at the time Matt showed it to me and demonstrated it, I immediately called one of the hospitals that
I work where I had a patient that was suffering with the problem of leakage, infection and wounds. I instructed the nurses on what
to get for me and I inserted the self-made modification myself. The insertion is exactly the same as with the traditional
urinary/Foley cath, with just one extra step; the movement of the adaptor down the length
of the catheter to the skins surface. Well let me tell you, the next time I rounded on that patient he thought I was some
kind of a god for what I was able to do for him. This patient was just elated and couldn't stop thanking me, and he just
went on and on about how relief he felt now using this catheter system. Fantastic idea, but to see it work instantly and
hear how the patients rave about it was amazing. I now order it on all my suprapubic patients.

Rafael Pomales Jr., MHS PA-C
Physician Assistant
Lancaster, Texas

"The Supra-Cath should be a significant improvement to the Urethral Catheter for Supra-Pubic Bladders. If was between a urethral
catheter with a Supra-Cath positioning adapter, and just a urethral catheter alone; its a no brainer. I think you've really got
something here."

Dr. John D. Gabriel, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
North Hills Family Practice, P.A., North Richland Hills, Texas
What the Medical Community is saying about The Supra-Cath !