Date information, on the origination and early progress of the Supra-Cath.
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Patent Search was completed: Friday November 26th/04
Patent Application: Monday November 29th/ 04
Application for the Supra-Cath has been submitted
in Canada and the United States
by Multinational Board Certified Patent Attorney.
The status of the patent is now pending.

Urologist, and Urologic Surgeon Dr. Yondell Moore
adopts the "Supra-Cath" adaptor
for use in his Urology practise
February 2005
Supra-Cath utilized in First Surgical Procedure
June 2005

Release of First Nationally published Article on the Supra-Cath: S.U.N.A.
"Promising New Suprapubic Catheter"
Sunday, August 14, 2005

To view, read or print the article click on the link below
SUNA Article, 8-14-2005

Friday, October 14, 2005 / Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas NV
Matthew Gomez presented the Supra-Cath @ S.U.N.A 2005 Annual Conference.
For more information about SUNA
please visit their website at :

Improvements on disc design and additional features provides even more features and
benefits to its users.
New design patent applications submitted.

Urologist Dr. Lynn Lyons, adopts the Supra-Cath adaptor for use in his urology practise.
December 2006

General Surgeon /Wound Care Surgeon Dr. Matthew Pompeo
first adopts
the Supra-Cath adaptor for use in his Wound Care practise / February 2007

Special Thanks to
Dr. Matthew Pompeo General/ WoundCare Surgeon
The Internal Medicine Team of Dr. Wafer Gamil & Dr. Anthony Doti

** Important  Note **
To date. not a single urologist has turned down the use of the Supra-Cath S/P adaptor.
Due to a limited supply, only select physicians have been made aware of this product
existence and supplied in order to provide clinical feedback on this game changing
medical breakthrough.

If your urologist isn't using the Supra=Cath Suprapubic adapter, your urologist doesn't
know about it !
olution !